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Birds Island

Great for Bird Lovers

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Adult Ages 11+
Child Ages 6-10

Explore the Diverse Habitats of Sinaloa

Sinaloa has a unique mix of diverse habitats that include virgin beaches, mangroves and estuaries, mixed forests, and conifers. This diversity of ecosystems means that more than 400 species of birds call Isla de Pajaros home. Of those 400 species, 35 are endemic and another 20 are migratory, visiting from October to March. If you love birds, you must put Isla de Pajaros on your to-do list! This special island is less visited than Deer Island, but it is no less beautiful.

Among the species that can be observed on Isla de Pajaros are the white-wing pijije, the red-billed rabijunco, the brown bobo, brown pelican, the brown heron, the blue-footed booby, and hundreds more.

In addition to its jaw-dropping array of bird species, the island is ever changing from season to season. In the summer months, thanks to the heavy rains, a beautiful waterfall forms on one side. You can always see something different when you visit Isla de Pajaros.

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