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Ghost Town and Secret Beach

Quick Details

Adult Ages 11+
Child Ages 3-10
Infant Ages 4 and under

A virgen beach and a lost town!

26 km north of Mazatlán, on the Mazatlán – Culiacán toll road, is hidden, as in a memory, Marmol de Salcido. What once was a bustling town, today in each of its corners it tells us stories of its old glow that began with the arrival of a cement factory.
The stories continue through the streets that lead us to the town’s marshes with their beautiful resident and migratory birds and impressive views of a fine sand beach where with a little luck you can see dolphins.

Year after year, this same beach is a silent witness to the beginning and end of the life of one of the most primitive reptiles, since the female olive ridley turtle spawns along the strip of sand. Here her young are born which, like their mother, after a long life will return to rest their last trip and be part of the turtle cemetery.